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Reconstruction of Raina Street rail crossing
20 april, 2017
In the evening of April 23, around 20:00, “Latvijas dzelzceļš” SJSC will start the reconstruction of Raina street railway crossing and, due to this fact, traffic flow will be limited in one direction. Works are scheduled during the night time – from midnight until 5:40, when the first bus starts to run, but during the day time rail crossing will be open for traffic. “Latvijas dzelzceļš” SJSC plans that reconstruction works will be finished in a week.
Liepaja Special Economic Zone Deputy CEO Uldis Hmielevskis invites people to be understanding and, with aim to decrease traffic jams during the reconstruction of Raina street railway crossing, use slightly longer road and Cukura street railway crossing. Uldis Hmielevskis also points out that these are planned works with aim to decrease traffic jams and to improve intensity of the traffic flow over the railway crossing. In the nearest week Communal administration of the Liepaja City Council will start the transfer of a bus stop by creating an additional traffic zone, which will decrease traffic jams and will improve the traffic flow from Lauma residential area to centre.
The biggest traffic jams in Kalpaka and Raina streets form in early morning and evening hours in the direction from Lauma residential area to city centre. As show results of a research and people survey, traffic jam is created due to several reasons. First of all, bus stop in the Kalpaka street before the rail crrossings interfere with the traffic flow. If the bus has stopped in the bus stop and drivers do not break the rules and do not cross the continuous line, it is creating a traffic jam. Secondly, traffic flow is being obstructed because of the bad condition of the rail crossings, which creates the necessity to decrease the driving speed, as well as Raina, Kapsetas and Year 1905 streets cross in case of intense traffic creates delays.
We would like to remind that in cooperation with Liepaja City Council, already in the end of 2016 works to solve the traffic jam problems in Raina and Kalpaka streets were started. Firstly traffic light control unit in the cross of Raina, Kapsetas and Year 1905 streets was change, followed by setting up a pedestrian call button. These improvements allow to improve and optimize work of traffic lights according to real situation at that moment. In 2017, in the budget of Liepaja City Council 57 thous. euro have been planned for traffic improvements in Raina and Kalpaka streets.
Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30