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Makes sure about the safety of “GI Termināls” in emergency situations
11 may, 2017
Today, May 11, State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia was organising civil protection training at “GI Termināls” LSEZ Ltd., which was a planned event in order to make sure that the terminal and operational services are ready for emergency situations. Event was successful and pointed out targets where reached.
The aim of the event was to check and improve the existing set of measures in case of catastrophe threats, which are described in the “GI Termināls” civil protection plan and off-site civil protection plan, as well as to check cooperation between institutions involved. Representatives and employees of the State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia, State Police, the State Environmental Service of the Republic of Latvia, “GI Termināls” LSEZ Ltd., Liepaja City Municipal Police and “Latvijas dzelzceļš” LSEZ Ltd. were present.
During the civil protection training, a situation was played, where in the territory of “GI Termināls” LSEZ Ltd. cistern with diesel fuel goes off the rails, oil product spills and inflammation with threats of explotion takes place.
As pointed out by the Head of Safety, Security and Environmental Protection Department of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority Kaspars Ponemeckis, “GI Termināls” is a fully modernized liquid bulk terminal, which has been equipped with modern defence technologies and in real life the situation played in the training is almost impossible. But at the same time, it was also important to check cooperation skills between employees of the terminal and operational services in real action, which was successfully done.
The Deputy Commander Lieutenant Colonel of Kurzeme region State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia Mursals Kerimovs: “Overall we can conclude that training was successful and goals were achieved. We can evaluate that cooperation between all institutions involved is really good. This kind of training in Liepaja has been already previously and it is very valuable, because it is important to get to know objects so in the case of actual accident, all parties involved would have been worked together before and would know how to act in a such situation.”
Civil Protection Training in State significance objects of increased danger takes place once in three years.
Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30