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Port of Liepaja works with stable and increasing cargo turnover
13 june, 2017
In May 2017, companies in the Port of Liepaja have handled 605 268.19 tons of different cargoes, increasing turnover by 41.9% if compared to May 2016. In May, dry bulk cargoes were still dominating – 77% of the total cargo turnover, followed by general cargoes – 15% and liquid cargoes – 8%. In May, the number of vessels served - 125 and the number of passengers – 3 295.
In May, the main product group in the dry bulk cargo segment was grain and agricultural products, which resulted in 212.7 thous. tons or 35% of the total cargo turnover. This cargo group was followed by enriched anthracite coal – 161.9 thous. tons or 26.7% and building materials – 53.6 thous. tons or 8.9% of the total cargo turnover.
In general cargo segment, stable flow have RO-RO cargoes, ensured by regular ferry line Liepaja – Travemunde (Germany). Already for the second month, ferry comes in the Port of Liepaja five times per week, which has encouraged the increase in turnover. In May, 2017, it was 59.9 thous. tons, which was increased by 49.4% if compared to the previous year. As explained by the Member of the Board of “Terrabalt” LSEZ Ltd. Aris Ozolins, usage of the ferry line traffic for the cargo transportation is developing and it is an impulse to think and work in order to proceed it. In cooperation with the ferry line operator “Stena Line” and the LSEZ Authority, new project has been started, in order to improve organisation of the cargo flow to/from the ferry. Aris Ozolins points out, that there is need for investments in the infrastructure of LSEZ and “Terrabalt” LSEZ Ltd., and after implementation, intensity of ferries in the future will only increase.
The turnover of liquid cargoes in May was 54.9 thous. tons, mainly oil products. This result is better than the result in previous year.
The most successful stevedore in May, with the biggest turnover was “Ekers Stividors LP”, which handled 247 517.36 tons, increasing turnover by 74.2% if compared to the previous year. As explained by Gatis Svetins, Member of the Board of “Ekers Stividors LP”, company actively works to ensure the stable cargo flow and to attract new cargoes during summer months, when traditionally cargo turnover is less. Gatis Svetins also points out the successful cooperation with other stevedores, which allows to work more flexible and to increase the competetiveness of the port. For example, in May, in cooperation with “Laskana” LSEZ Ltd. the biggest cargo of birch timber cargo was loaded and exported to Turkey. The second biggest cargo turnover had “Liepaja Bulk Terminal” LSEZ Ltd. – 158 755.75 tons, followed by “Terrabalt” LSEZ Ltd. with 76 069.73 tons (+64.7%).
In five months, companies in the Port of Liepaja in total have handled 2 890 588.13 tons, which is by 24.7% more than in 2016. In total, the number of serviced vessels – 621, but the number of passengers – 11 716 passengers. From January until May, the number of containers – 1 657, but the number of RO-RO units – 13 308.
In five months, grain and agricultural products are dominating, ensuring 36% of the total cargo turnover, followed by enriched anthracite coal – 25%, RO-RO cargoes and building materials – 8%.
Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30