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In the first half of the year, the Port of Liepaja has worked with a stable and increasing cargo turnover
14 july, 2017
In the first half of the year of 2017, in the Port of Liepaja 3.28 mln. tons were handled. It is by 21.8% more than in the first six months in 2016. In the Port of Liepaja, dry bulk cargoes are still dominating – ensuring 75% of the total cargo turnover, followed by general cargoes – 17% and liquid cargoes – 8%. The number of served vessels in the first half of the year: 726 (+8%), but the number of passengers: 15 966. From January until June, the number of handled containers – 2 139 (+101.8%), but the number of RO-RO units - 17 166 (+12.6%).
In the first half of the year, in dry bulk cargo segment main cargo groups were grain and agricultural products - 1 124.7 thous. tons or 34% of the total cargo turnover and enriched anthracite coal – 24% of the total cargo turnover. Third biggest cargo group in the segment was building materials - 270.2 thous. tons, followed by woodchips and chemical cargoes, including fertilizers. Dry bulk cargo turnover, if compared to the first half of the year in 2016, has increased by 25.9%.
In the general cargo group, stable flow has RO-RO cargoes, which are ensured from the regular ferry line traffic Liepaja- Traveminde (Germany). Ferry service is offered five times per week and in recent months has increased cargo turnover. In six months, RO-RO cargo turnover has been 290.4 thous. tons or 9% of the total cargo turnover, increasing the turnover by 4.5%.
In the first six months, the turnover of liquid cargoes was 264.8 thous. tons, including diesel fuel and crude oil. The turnover has been increased by 29.7% if compared to the same period in 2016, but the situation in the World market is still affecting the cargo flow.
In the first half of the year, the biggest cargo turnover among stevedores achieved “Ekers Stividors LP” LSEZ Ltd. - 1 254 835.44 tons, followed by “Liepaja Bulk Terminal” LSEZ Ltd. - 815 448.80 tons and „Terrabalt” LSEZ Ltd. - 403 568.78 tons.
In June 2017, cargo turnover in the Port of Liepaja was 382 333.06 t, which is slightly less than in previous months, but at the same time by 4.1% more than in June 2016. As already pointed out, agricultural cargoes in the Port of Liepaja is one of the main segments and their seasonal character influences the total cargo turnover. Terminals, which are working with grain and agricultural cargoes, currently are preparing for the new season and already in August will accept first cargoes.
In June 2017, in the Port of Liepaja, the number of served vessels: 105, but the number of passengers: 4 205.
Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30