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In 2018, the Port of Liepaja will welcome a cruise ship
13 september, 2017
After several years` break, the Port of Liepaja will welcome a cruise ship. It is planned that cruise ship “Saga Saphire”, which lenght is 200 m, will come to the Port of Liepaja on August 17, 2018 and will bring around 600 tourists. As pointed out by Uldis Hmielevskis, Deputy CEO of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone: “One of aims of the LSEZ Authority is to increase passenger flow in the Port of Liepaja. In order to achieve this, cooperation with Liepaja region tourism information office was established to work on cruise ships attraction. Cruise ships will increase recognition of Liepaja City and Liepaja Port, which will contribute to the local economy.”
Liepaja is one of six ports, where cruise “Baltic Adventures” will make its stops in the Baltic Sea in August, 2018. Cruise ships` “Saga Saphire” lenght is 200 m, width is 29 m and it can carry 720 guests. It is planned that the cruise ship will dock at the berth of Terrabalt. Previous time, when a cruise ship visited the Port of Liepaja was in 2006, when it brought more than 500 tourists.
One of the tasks of the LSEZ Authority is to increase number of passengers in the Liepaja Port, that is a reason why it is important to atract cruise ships and to modernize the yacht center. Attraction of cruise ships is one of ways how to increase the passenger flow and to contribute to the local economy.
“Main final destination for cruise ships in the Baltic Sea is St.Petersburg, but cruise companies include also other ports on the way, in order to make the voyage more interesting.” Uldis Hmielevskis just returned from Hamburg (Germany), where from September 6 until September 8 took place exhibition and conference “Seatrade Europe”, which is dedicated to sea and river cruises among the Europe. “By meeting industries` representatives we now have confidence that cruise companies are now looking for new, interesting places for their routes and the most important part is the attractiveness of the place,” points out Hmielevskis. “That is why it is important to attract interest from cruise companies in next following years, which would result in regular cruise visits in the port.”
“Liepaja is the only city outside Riga, which ensures land transport, air transport and sea transport possibilities. In recent time City`s tourism, sales and marketing specialists had a purposeful work in order to increase number of incoming tourists and this cruise ship is an acknowledgment to a good homework done and to the fact that our city gets more attractive in the context of Europe”, admits Inta Sorina, Manager of Liepaja region tourism information office.
Liepaja is the only city outside Riga and Jurmala, which can ensure accommodation and catering options for a big number of city visitors- Liepaja has 15 hotels, 10 guest houses, hostels, camping site, countless private apartments, 18 restaurants and 32 cafes.
Arrival of a cruise ship in a Baltic Sea port ensures not only recognition, but also gives contribution to a local economy. Information collected by “Cruise Baltic” shows that on average one cruise participant spends around 79.22 euros in every city. Currently 37 companies are organising cruises in the Baltic Sea region. Cruise “Baltic Adventures” is organised by Great Britain cruise company “Saga” and this cruise voyage in the Baltic Sea aims to introduce voyagers with the UNESCO heritage. It will start and finish in Dover (UK) and will last from August 7 until August 22. On its way cruise will make stops at Karlskrona (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), St.Petersburg (Russia), Riga and Liepaja (Latvia) and Gdynia (Poland).
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