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Cargo turnover in the Port of Liepaja – stable with a positive tendency
12 february, 2018
In first month of 2018, in the Port of Liepaja were handled grain, ro-ro cargoes, building materials, including cement which is produced in Broceni, anthracite, oil products – in total 643 012.67 tons. It is by 9.6% more than last January and by 17.1% more than on average per month in 2017. Also this year grain is dominating in the Port of Liepaja, stevedoring companies provide a significant share of local cargoes and terminals working next to the Karosta Canal are working more actively. In January 2018, the number of serviced vessels – 128, but the number of passengers – 2 657.
Dry bulk cargoes, which accounted for 75% of all cargoes, are still the largest group of cargo in the Port of Liepaja, but the share of cereals was 45%. As explained by Juris Matvejevs, Member of the Board of LSEZ Ltd. “Liepaja Bulk Terminal Ltd”, the cereal season is continuing and transshipment of various agricultural cargoes is taking place actively. “It is continuous everyday work – with clients, cargo transporters, in cooperation with other dry bulk cargo terminals,” emphasized Juris Matvejevs and assured that in February agricultural cargoes in the Port of Liepaja will be in similar amount.
In January, there was also increase in building materials turnover, including cement, which amount, if compared to January, 2017, has increased by 68.3%. Until now, the turnover of cement cargoes was higher in summer months when the active construction season is going on, but at the moment its volumes are stable with a growing tendency in the winter months as well. Similarly, a steady flow of cargoes with a positive growth is in the ro-ro cargo segment, which is provided by the regular Stena line ferry service with Travemunde (Germany). In the Port of Liepaja the growth of ro-ro cargo turnover in January was 27.4%, but in general cargoes accounted for 14% of the total cargo turnover.
In January, significant increase was in the liquid cargo segment, accounting for 11% of the total cargo turnover. As explained by Janis Millers, the Member of the Board of the LSEZ Ltd. “DG Termināls”, in the end of the year 2017, a positive trend in oil prices appeared, which, in turn, also triggered the oil product market. Another increase in the turnover of liquid cargoes was provided by seasonal transit cargoes from Russia to Europe - organic (rapeseed) oil.
In January 2018, the biggest cargo turnover had LSEZ Ltd. “Liepaja Bulk Terminal Ltd” - 208 065.73 tons and LSEZ Ltd. “Ekers Stividors LP” - 191 498.75 tons. Meanwhile, the biggest increase in the cargo turnover had LSEZ Ltd. “DG Termināls” (+268%), LSEZ Ltd. “Terrabalt” (+74.0%), LSEZ Ltd. “Duna” (+26.5%), SIA “Metsa Forest Latvia” (+25.4%).
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