• Invest in Liepaja
Liepaja - a city with a global scope and the amenities of a small town!
  • The largest regional industrial center in Latvia. Industrial parks and development areas
  • Liepaja SEZ - support tools for business for more than 25 years - direct and indirect tax incentives
  • High-quality business environment with unified infrastructure and unified management
  • Accessibility – seaport, airport, railways, roads - connection to extensive logistics networks
  • Available human resources and extensive educational opportunities
  • Quality living environment - a family-friendly city with diverse cultural, active recreation
    and sports opportunities and offers
  1. Strategically advantageous geographical location, non-freezing port
  2. Accessibility – seaport, airport, efficient road, and railway network
  3. Beneficial, constant and flexible operating conditions, tax incentives
  4. Industrial parks and available development areas
  5. Efficient business support tools
  1. Free development areas
  2. Industrial parks
  3. Traditions and experience
  4. Availability of qualified workforce
  5. Well thought-out and efficient engineering communications network

Liepaja has historically developed as a busy center of economic activity and industrial development. The Liepaja city has a traditionally strong manufacturing industry, which has a historical basis - developed infrastructure, experience and knowledge accumulated over the years, availability, and succession of qualified labor.

The production areas of the city are located close to the Port of Liepaja thus, it is possible to reduce logistics costs, ensuring convenient export of the manufactured goods.

The territory of the Liepaja SEZ accounts for 3,979 hectares, or approximately 65% of the entire territory of the City of Liepaja. A diverse offer of development opportunities, which includes opportunities to develop business both in well- equipped industrial parks and in the areas prepared for construction.

Development of the Liepaja Industrial Park is one of the most significant industrial development projects in Liepaja in recent years, which is implemented by the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority.

The aim of the project is to transform the abandoned territory of the former steel plant Liepajas Metalurgs into a modern and sustainable industrial park that operates in the sectors defined in the Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3), promoting increase of employment creating high added value for the City of Liepaja and the Latvian national economy as a whole.

The Liepaja Industrial Park is being built in the area between Brīvības Street, Meldru Street, Ezermalas Street, Parka Street and Zemnieku Street, and borders the Lake of Liepaja, which is a specially protected natural Area NATURA 2000.

Territories: https://liepaja-sez.lv/en/investe-liepaja/map/territories/

Contact: Laura Adamoviča, Project Manager
Phone: (+371) 20501905
E-mail: laura.adamovica@lsez.lv

The territory consists of 28 separate plots of land, which are equipped with the necessary engineering communications with the support of the municipality of Liepaja and the European Regional Development Fund.


Contact: Raivo Špaks, Head of the Business Development Department
Phone: (+371) 29294267 
E-mail: raivo.spaks@lsez.lv 

The Meldru Street development area is an alternative to the existing industrial areas in the city. The territory is located in the immediate vicinity of the main street, thus providing the companies working in the territory with convenient access to both the A9 highway and the Port of Liepaja, without crossing the residential areas of the city.

The aforementioned area consists of three separate land plots of land, which with the support of the Liepaja City Council and the European Regional Development Fund are equipped with the necessary engineering communications.


Contact: Raivo Špaks, Head of the Business Development Department
Phone: (+371) 29294267 
E-mail: raivo.spaks@lsez.lv 

LSEZ SIA “Vecās Ostmalas Biznesa Parks” (VOBP Business Park) is the owner, developer, and manager of an industrial business park in Liepaja, the purpose of which is to find competitive infrastructure solutions for both newly established companies and existing companies to expand their operations.


Address: Vecā ostmala 10, Liepaja, LV-3401, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 25666472
E-mail: info@vobp.lv 

The company plans to build a multifunctional business block on the territory of the former Liepaja machine-building factory, which consists of a total land area of 96,992 square meters, 31 buildings with a total area of production/warehouse/workshop spaces of 37,215.9 square meters and one six-story administrative building with a total area of sales/office spaces of 5,139, 5 square meters.

By 2025, it is planned to complete the construction of the territory, creating a modern full-service business environment development center with production, warehouse, and office premises on an area of 18,500 square meters.

Address: Flotes iela 16, Liepāja, LV-3405, Latvija
Phone: (+371) 25666472
E-mail: info@nsbp.lv 

The owner of the Liepaja Business Centre is LSEZ SIA ''Pumac Liepaja" as it ensures its management, infrastructure maintenance, development, and cooperation with tenants.


Address: Kapsēdes Street 2, Liepaja, LV-3414, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 28308642
E-mail: livars@liepajabc.lv 

LSEZ “Lauma Fabrics” SIA is a company specializing in textile production. The company's biggest advantage is the ability to produce a complete set of materials in a single-color range.


Address: Ziemeļu Street 19, Liepaja, LV-3405, Latvia
Phone: (+371) 63447302
Vacant premises for rent: (+371) 25458807
Email: fabrics@laumafabrics.com 

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