Structural reinforcement of the Skrunda railway bridge span
Project execution period:
Year 2014 – 2015
Project initiator:
SJSC “Latvijas Dzelzceļš”
Purpose of the project:
structural reinforcement of the bridge so its load carrying capacity would match category III thus providing that bridge’s mode of operation allows traffic without speed limits for all wagons and trains in circulation with the load on axle of 27 tons and distributed load of 9 tons including 8-axle tank cars with the load capacity of up to 120-125 tons, as well as the load capacity of 180 tons for the 4-12 axle transporter
Total project costs:
700 000 EUR
Skrunda railway bridge is a three span metal bridge crossing river Venta in Skrunda with the static scheme of 31.68 m + 62.16 m + 31.68 m and with a full length of 153 m, built in 1928. The original metal span construction was designed as per regulations issued in 1907.
Within the project “Structural reinforcement of the Skrunda railway bridge span” all bridge pillars were repaired and all span constructions were reinforced. Defective road part longitudinal beams were replaced for all span constructions; they were reinforced with additional metal cross beams and all reinforcement elements for all parts were made of new metal. Truss elements were reinforced for all three span constructions.
Construction work was carried out by Ltd. “Tilts”; technical design was carried out by Ltd. “Vektors T”.
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