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Cargo turnover in October: 514 400.67 tons
12 november, 2013
In October (2013), companies in the port of Liepaja handled 514 400.67 tons of different type of cargos. There is an active grain season, which resulted in dry bulk cargos being the main sector in the port of Liepaja – 69.8% or 358.9 thousand tons, followed by general cargos – 24.5% or 126.1 thousand tons. Liquid cargos were only 6% or 29.4 thousand tons. In October the amount of served ships: 103, the amount of passengers: 3 916.
Average cargo turnover per month during this year have been 383.5 thousand tons, but in October were handled 514.4 thousand tons (+34%). Increase in turnover is mainly connected with the active grain season, because dry bulk cargos have the biggest market share.
GUNTARS KRIEVINS, Liepaja Special Economic Zone General Manager: “In October, companies in the port of Liepaja showed good results and handled more than half million tons of different type of cargos. We continue working with agricultural products and developing this sector. We also follow the results and cargo types of competing ports of Latvia, to understand the situation in transit business. We have strengthen our position in the dry bulk cargo segment, which allows us to think that last two months this year will be successful and that in the end of the year we will reach 5 million tons in cargo turnover.”
Dry bulk cargo segment turnover, according to the main product groups, was- grain and cereal products (292.7 thousand tons), with slight decrease in turnover followed building materials, including cement (31.0 thousand tons) and with slight increase in turnover- wood chips (19.5 thousand tons) and coal (12.0 thousand tons).
General cargo segment had stable RO-RO cargo flow, provided from Liepāja - Traveminde (Germany) ferry line and from Liepaja being included in ferry line Zasnica (Germany) – Baltijska (Russian Federation) – Liepāja (Latvia) – Ustjluga (Russian Federation). In October, „Terrabalt” LSEZ Ltd. handled 67 562.79 tons, including 62.8 thousand tons of RO-RO. In this segment increased share of timber and non-ferrous metals.
Liquid cargo segment turnover in October was 29.4 thousand tons, mainly crude oil (18.6 thousand tons).
In the first ten months in the port of Liepaja were handled 3 965 499.10 tons, from those 55% were dry bulk cargos (2 181.2 thousand tons), 36% were general cargos (1 436.1 thousand tons) and 9% were liquid cargos (162.0 thousand tons). The amount of served ships: 1082, the amount of passengers: 37 022, the amount of handled containers: 3 790 TEU, the amount of RO-RO`s – 26 985.
Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30