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In 2018, in the first quarter in the Port of Liepaja were handled 2 mln. tons
09 april, 2018
In the first quarter, in the Port of Liepaja were handled 1 543.3 thous. tons of dry bulk cargoes or 77% of the total cargo turnover. Second biggest cargo group was general cargoes - 319.4 thous. tons or 16%, followed by liqued cargoes – 135.4 thous. tons or 7%. In three months, a steady increase in cargo turnover was observed in all cargo groups.
In the dry bulk cargo segment, cereals and cereal products are still dominating – 1 013.5 thous. tons. Increase in cereal cargoes in the first quarter is related to idleness in the end of the year of 2017, which was caused by rainy weather, as well as because of harvest records in neighbor countries. If by far the largest cargo that had been exported from the Port of Liepaja was 71 826.7 tons on December 23, 2016, then on March 29 this year a new record was set - 72 920.62 tons. Panamax ship Yiannis B was loaded in the LSEZ Ltd. “Liepaja Bulk Terminal” ports berth up to authorized draught of 11 m, while the rest of the cargo was loaded in the open sea using a second vessel.
Janis Lapins, Genaral Manager of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone: “Records show that the companies of the Port of Liepaja are ready for challenges and can ensure loading next to the berth and also in open sea. This is the reason why it is planned to start this year the deepening of shipping lines and to create cargo handling spots in the water area in order to increase the safety of cargo handling operations. Together with entrepreneurs we work hard to plan and develop land and water infrastructure. Work is underway to launch an ambitious EU Cohesion Fund project this year, which will improve the technical condition of shipping lines and hydro technical structures, further developing road and rail access roads.”
Second biggest cargo group in the dry bulk cargo segment was anthracite - 274.2 thous. tons, followed by building materials - 151.1 thous. tons. Building materials, including cement, is a local origin cargo, which is ensured by “Cemex” terminal and in three months there was an increase by 14.7%.
In the first three months, the biggest cargo turnover had LSEZ Ltd. “Liepaja Bulk Terminal” – 760 077.87 tons, followed by LSEZ Ltd. “Ekers Stividors LP”, which has handled 569 461.38 tons. But LSEZ Ltd. “Terrabalt”, which together with the ferry line operator Stena Line continue to develop ferry traffic from the Port of Liepaja – in three months has increased the cargo turnover by 66.9% and has handled 255 818.00 tons of cargoes, including ro-ro cargoes. The number of passengers has increased by 46% and in three months was 8 122.
In March, 2018, in the Port of Liepaja were handled 612 891.66 tons of cargoes, which is by 8.7% more than in March 2017. The number of served vessels in March – 127, but the number of passengers - 2 947.
In 2017, companies in the Port of Liepaja handled 6.6 mln. tons of cargo. It was the second biggest cargo turnover since the renewal of ports` activities in 1991. Planned cargo turnover in 2018 – 7.2 mln. tons.
Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30