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Guidlines for vehicles drivers
25 march, 2020

While fulfilling the job duties, the vehicle driver (hereinafter referred to as the Driver), shall avoid from socializing, and shall proceed or stop only at the places, relating to transportation goods, or for provision of basic human needs, by keeping a distance of 2 meters from other persons.


The Driver’s employer, whose place of registration is in Latvia, shall provide the Driver with

-        a face mask;

-        gloves;

-        disinfection means, by determining compulsory use of such means while outside the vehicle cabin;




-        the Drivers shall be interviewed concerning their health condition, and, in the case of suspicion, shall be directed for measurement of the body temperature;

-        each foreign cargo vehicle Driver shall receive a face mask and two pairs of gloves for compulsory use while outside the vehicle cabin;

-        these guidelines in the Latvian, English or Russian language shall be given to each Driver.


Recordings of the video surveillance cameras of institutions, companies, stores, warehouses, gas filling stations may serve as an evidence for punishment of individuals for violations;

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Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30