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Liepaja SEZ Authority festive event with entrepreneurs
14 december, 2022

There is a saying, that Liepaja is the city, where the wind was born. When the winds of change blow, some build protective ramparts, other – windmills, as an ancient wisdom says.


The Liepaja SEZ companies who have adapted themselves to the rough winds of changes do not hide behind the ramparts to survive rather use the wind to accelerate their activity. It is not easy however successful entrepreneurship is not without difficulties.


The Liepaja Special Economic Zone is a large area that includes access roads, development areas, the port, industrial area and the airport. – altogether two thirds of the entire territory of the city. The variety of companies operating in the SEZ territory is wide – from port activities to metal processing, textile and more.


The CEO of the Special Economic Zone expressed special thanks to LSEZ SIA "Trelleborg Wheel Systems Liepaja" for the efficient and sustainable development of the company, which produces wheel disks for agricultural machinery and has been operating in Liepaja since 2007. The company has expanded by investing in its technological equipment and employees, as well as environmental protection to strive for perfection.


Special thanks also to LSEZ SIA "Baltic Transshipment Center" for thoughtful and purposeful development. The company was the first foreign investor which chose to build its terminal in the Karosta Canal. In 2022, its warehouse facilities were increased by more than 5,000 m2, and the cargo turnover by 30%.


SIA "EB Liepāja" is the first company in the Karosta Industrial Park to include historical buildings in the construction project of its new production facilities, thus challenging other companies to preserve the historical heritage of the former Russian Tsar time military port.


Thanks also to SIA "UPTK" for the confidence and faith in what they do and for the implementation of important construction projects in the Liepaja SEZ territory.

Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30