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Cargo Turnover in the Port of Liepaja in January 2023
16 february, 2023

In January 2023, the Liepaja Port stevedoring companies transshipped 580 thousand tons of various cargoes, which is by 4.7% more than in January 2022. Together with the port operators the Liepaja SEZ Authority is seeking the ways of how to diversify the types of cargo and how to maintain smooth cargo flow throughout the entire year. The Port of Liepaja is a multifunctional port, however, for more than 15 years, the dominant type of cargo has been agricultural and renewable energy cargoes, amounting to 65 – 70% of the annual cargo turnover.


This year, the Ro – Ro servicing company LSEZ SIA "Terrabalt" is continuing to increase its cargo turnover in cooperation with the "Stena Line" company, providing regular ferry traffic on the Liepaja – Traveminde (Germany) route. The company’s this year first month achievement was 120.1 thousand tons of cargo, which is by 12.5% more than a year earlier.


In January, this year, transshipment of round logs increased significantly - by 124.7%, as compared to January 2022. The demand for logs in the international markets is high due to the geopolitical situation. Despite the sharp rise of the round log prices in autumn last year, the demand is still in place.


The largest commodity type in the Port of Liepaja has long been and still remains the dry bulk cargoes - grain and grain products, renewable energy cargoes – wood chips and wood pellets, and cement for the construction industry. In January, this year, the share of break bulk cargoes was 27% or 157 thousand tons, whereas liquid bulk cargo accounted for only 6% of the overall turnover. However, it is by 15% more than a year ago. In total, there are 13 stevedoring companies, operating in the Port of Liepaja.


Altogether, in January, this year, 123 ships called the Port of Liepaja, and 5514 passengers arrived to the City by the ferry.

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