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Testing the ability to cope with challenges
16 march, 2023

The geopolitical situation is testing the ability of the Port of Liepaja cargo terminals to find new markets, to look for new cargoes and to engage in new logistics routes, to be flexible and to develop their infrastructure accordingly – there are indeed many issues that are currently high on the agenda of all port terminals.


However, February 2023 brought a series of events, proving the ability of the port operators to cope with the challenges successfully – even though 690 000 tons of various cargoes, handled by the Liepaja Port stevedores in the previous month do not beat any records, achieved a year ago, yet it proves the current stability of the cargo flow of all segments.


The Port of Liepaja – it is not just figures and facts. There are a lot of exciting and interesting things taking place there: thus, it was in February, this year, that, for the first time in the history of the Port of Liepaja - a ship of the maximum permissible draft with sugar from Brazil on board was moored alongside the new deep-water berth. What else? Large investments in the cargo handling equipment, for instance, the stevedoring company LSEZ SIA Mols-L started this year with an ambitious investment by purchasing a powerful electricity driven mobile crane – the first loader of such a type in the Port of Liepaja. The new portal crane is two times more efficient and more environmentally friendly, as compared to their previous diesel crane, allowing to load 6000 tn of cargo on board the ship in 11 hours. One of the main groups of cargo handled by the terminal is that of renewable energy resources - wood chips and wood pellets, which are currently in demand in the market due to both the season and the geopolitical situation. Jānis Zvirbulis, owner of the company LSEZ SIA Mols L, is convinced that it is important to think long-term and environmentally friendly cargo should be transshipped by environmentally friendly machinery.


In total, 1.3 million tons of cargo were transshipped in the Port of Liepaja in the first two months of 2023, which is similar to the amount of cargo handled in January and February 2022.

Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30