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The construction of a new production plant begins with a ceremonial laying of a time capsule in the foundation stone
31 may, 2023


On Wednesday, May 31, a time capsule with a message for future generations was embedded in the foundations of the future production plant of hospital bed mattresses at the Liepaja Old Port Business Park territory. The new plant will be 3,000 m² large and 2 million euro will be invested in the project implementation. The “Care of Sweden” company’s product line includes two types of mattresses: medical preventive mattresses and electronically controlled medical mattresses, which are planned to be manufactured in Liepaja. “Care of Sweden” products are designed for bedridden patients to help treat and prevent bedsores.

The solemn event was attended by Chairman of the Board of the Liepaja Old Port Business Park Jānis Siliņš, Mayor of Liepaja Gunārs Ansiņš, Deputy Mayor of Liepaja Salvis Roga, Chief Operations Officer of the company "Care of Sweden" Pierre Andersson and Chief Executive Officer of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Uldis Hmieļevskis.

"Construction of the new production facility is an essential next step in the development of the Liepaja Old Port Business Park. We continue to follow the tradition and develop a new project in our business park every year. We are happy to build these new manufacturing facilities in Liepaja for a new investor - a Swedish hospital bed mattress manufacturer, which plans to start production at the end of this year in a newly established factory," said Jānis Siliņš, Chairman of the Liepaja Old Port Business Park. He further continued: “Thanks to “Care of Sweden” for trusting us! We wish you every success here in Liepaja! Thank-you to the Liepaja City Council and the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority for always supportive and welcoming cooperation in the development of the city's business environment! Thank-you to the Latvian Investment and Development Agency for cooperation and professionalism in attracting foreign investment to the economy of Latvia, Liepaja! Thank you to "Swedbank" for believing in and supporting our project! Thanks to my team for their contribution and dedication!”

"If culture is the heart of Liepaja, then manufacturing is its bloodstream. In the last five years, 20 new production plants have been built in our city. Right after the capital city, we are the second largest city in terms of production volumes. It is a great satisfaction that a brand-new Swedish capital investor will start operating in our city already this year, creating new jobs and boosting our economy”, the Mayor of Liepaja Gunārs Ansiņš shared his satisfaction.

Several representatives of "Care of Sweden" company also took part in the solemn ceremony. Deputy CEO and COO Pierre Andersson commented: "For “Care of Sweden”, this facility is a new basis for growth and thus, yet another important step towards our vision to meet the requirements for a modern mattress used in healthcare environments and to prevent pressure ulcers and infections for the hospital inpatients, thereby helping many people around the world to live better, free from injuries and pain, and to improve the health economy, the healthcare industry and society as a whole. We have chosen Latvia and Liepaja in particular, considering the possibilities of the location, the business climate, and the desire of people to achieve something special. Such attitude and approach go hand in hand with that of “Care of Sweden” and our company's ambitions. The story is not just about a new production plant, it is an important step towards a 100% European supply chain."

Liepaja SEZ CEO Uldis Hmielevskis says "Each new production plant means new jobs with competitive wages, taxes into the state and local budget with further opportunity to invest in education, culture, healthcare. That is why it is very important to work in synergy - entrepreneurs, investors, the municipality, and the Liepaja SEZ Authority. Construction of each new factory is a celebration! Thank you to the VOBP Business Park for targeted development and thank-you to "Care of Sweden" for trusting Liepaja's business environment."

















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