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Meeting of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Board, August 16
22 august, 2023

On 16 August 2023, the Liepaja SEZ Board held its meeting examined the application and documents of SIA "Northside Business Park" on granting the status of the Liepaja SEZ capital company. The application was supported so that the company could use the advantages and support of the Liepaja SEZ by investing in construction and modern technologies.


SIA "Northside Business Park" and LSEZ SIA "Vecās Ostmalas Biznesa Parks" are companies of the same group. In the beginning of 2023, LSEZ SIA "Vecās Ostmalas Biznesa Parks" purchased an industrial area with the land and buildings in order to create a modern, high-quality, and sustainable business environment, and established SIA "Northside Business Park": total land area – 96,992 m², 31 buildings with the total manufacturing area of 37,215.90 m², warehouse, and workshop premises, a six-story administrative building with the total area of 5,139.50 m² of the office space.


Currently, the rental contracts have been renewed with almost a hundred existing tenants in the purchased territory- companies representing various industries. The development strategy of the new business park is expected to be developed within the next two months. 


The potential of the location, the historically established infrastructure, proximity of the port and the successful experience of developing industrial areas contain a series of advantages that inspire and create confidence in the creation of a modern, sustainable, and multifunctional business area.


About the management structure of Liepāja SEZ


In order to ensure more efficient management of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority and more sustainable realization of the functions of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority, fulfillment of the strategic goals of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Development Plan for the period from 2023-2035, the Board of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone reviewed and approved the new administrative structure of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority.


Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30