The Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority has established its Department of Safety, Security and Environmental Protection, which is in charge of determination and implementation of the strategy of environmental safety. The aforementioned Department is committed to environmental maintenance in compliance with the applicable laws and enactments in the territory of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone and in the Port of Liepaja.
Tasks and duties within the sphere of environmental protection
control of dangerous and polluting goods;
provision of proper and continuous operation of the treatment plant in the Port of Liepaja;
rectification of the consequences of an accident.
The Department of Safety, Security and Environmental Protection provides the below mentioned services
enters into agreements for ship supply with fuels and lubricants;
enters into agreements for the delivery of oil-contaminated water to the treatment plant in the Port of Liepaja;
enters into agreements for pursuing business activity.
The clean-up project of the Karosta Canal from its historical pollution is probably one of the biggest challenges to the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority. The Karosta Canal of the Port of Liepaja has long since been acknowledged as a severely polluted area (Filed by No 17004/5138 in the Register of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites). The Karosta Canal is a man-made structure, dating back to the early 20th century. From 1945 to 1991, the Karosta Canal was part of a closed military area of the Soviet Ministry of Defence, hosting the submarines of the Soviet Navy. Total territory of the Karosta Canal - 874 897 m2. The proposed clean-up site: 780 000 m2.

Activity of the naval base has left a significant impact on the territory, which HELCOM (Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission – the Helsinki Commission) has determined as one of nine most polluted areas in the territory of the Republic of Latvia (“a hot spot” No 48, the City of Liepaja and the Port).

According to the research, which was carried out in 1992 and 1995, the major share of the pollution in the Karosta Canal was caused by the activity of the naval base of the Soviet Union. Judging by the previous research, c.a. 650 000 m3 of sludge and sediment in the Karosta Canal had been polluted with oil products and heavy metals (Hg, As, Pb, Zn, Cu, Cd, Se). The sediment thickness varied from 0.2 to 2.2 m, whereas, the average thickness of the contaminated sediments amounted up to c.a. 0.6 m. Execution of the project "Clean – up of the Historically Polluted Site at the Port of Liepaja Port Karosta Canal, 1st Phase" was commenced on 20 December 2014, when an agreement was signed with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia on the implementation of the EU Cohesion Fund project. The project was finalized on 30 December 2015. Currently, the Liepaja SEZ Authority is looking for funds in order to clean up the entire Karosta Canal area, so that to achieve its environmental protection goals.
At the same time, the Liepaja Yacht Centre "Liepaja Marina", which is situated in the City Canal in the downtown, has been awarded the Blue Flag. The Blue Flag is a certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), that a beach, marina or sustainable boating tourism operator meets its stringent standards. The Blue Flag criteria include standards for water quality, safety, environmental education and information, the provision of services and general environmental management criteria.
It has become an excellent tradition to organize a competition “The Best Maintained Port Company”, which was introduced in 2012. Thus, the port companies are urged to pay more attention to their territory and buildings.

Award winners of the previous year:

- Year 2017 - LSEZ Ltd. V.Biļuka komercfirma "EVIJA"

- Year 2016 - LSEZ Ltd. „GI Termināls ”

- Year 2015 - LSEZ Ltd. ,,DG Termināls”

- Year 2014 - Ltd. „Cemex”

- Year 2013 - LSEZ Ltd. „Kolumbija Ltd.”

- Year 2012 - LSEZ Ltd. „Terrabalt”.
The Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority is paying much attention to training its employees and those of the port companies on environmental issues. The Liepaja SEZ Authority is providing permanent management resource control and optimization.
Environmental Incidents Hotline (24x7)
Telephone: (+371) 2 5625014
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Baltic Sea Waste Fee Info
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