Results of 2015
By the end of year 2015, there were 38 enterprises possessing status of Liepaja Special Economic Zone Company. Status of Liepaja Special Economic Zone commercial company was granted to the „Ekers Stividors LP” Ltd., which business activities are connected to cargo storage and warehousing, as well as to cargo loading and unloading.
In 2015, Liepaja Special Zone Authority signed 15 long-term lease agreements and five new land lease reservation agreements, which confirms the fact that investors consider the territory of the Liepaja SEZ as suitable for their business activities.
Liepaja SEZ companies investments
10 619 873.26
Investments, made by the Liepaja SEZ companies (investments in construction and state-of-art technologies), incl. investments, which are subject to tax incentives
2 885 865.52
Non-financial investment by capital companies subject to direct tax reliefs
168 068 369.72
Total net turnover in 2015
98 721 411.00
Export turnover (58.24%) of the total net turnover
Main export markets of Liepaja SEZ enterprises were Denmark, USA, Germany, Sweden, etc. According to the statements, more export oriented Liepaja SEZ enterprises were:
LSEZ Ltd. "Laskana"
LSEZ Ltd. "RT metāls"
LSEZ Ltd. "Scan-Plast Latvia"
LSEZ Ltd. "DG Termināls"
LSEZ Ltd. "Lesjofors Springs LV"
LSEZ Ltd. "Caljan Rite-Hite Latvia"
LSEZ Ltd. "Lesjofors Gas Springs"
LSEZ Ltd. "Trelleborg Wheel Systems Liepaja"
LSEZ Ltd. "Meta-Plast"
Employment and average salaries
In 2015, there were 2043 employees in the companies` of LSEZ. In total, the amount of work places decreased by 9 work places if compared to year 2014.
Decrease in the number of work places is connected to the long term problems of LSEZ Ltd. “LIEPĀJAS OSTA LM”, which can not meet its debt obligations, as well as Jsc. “KVV Liepājas metalurgs” unability to restore its business activities and cargo flow via the Port of Liepaja. LSEZ Jsc. “LIEPĀJAS OSTA LM” was servicing these cargoes.
Companies, which have created new work places:
LSEZ Ltd. "Hidrolats"
LSEZ Ltd. "Lesjofors Gas Springs"
LSEZ Ltd. "Caljan Rite-Hite Latvia"
LSEZ Ltd. "Liepaja Bulk Terminal LTD"
LSEZ Ltd. "Ekers Stividors LP"
LSEZ Ltd. "Jensen Metal"
Average monthly gross salary in the Liepaja SEZ capital companies (source: LSEZ companies)
Average monthly gross salary in the City of Liepaja (source:
Average monthly gross salary in Latvia (source:
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