Results of 2007
By the end of year 2007 there were 37 enterprises possessing status of Liepaja Special Economic Zone Company. In 2007 status of Liepaja Special Economic Zone commercial company is granted to the following enterprises: “Habia Cable Latvia” Ltd., “Hidrolats” Ltd., and “Baltic Bunkering Company” Ltd.
In 2007, Liepaja SEZ Company “Plus Process Liepāja” changed the company name to the “AE Partner” and resigned from having Liepaja Special Economic Zone Company status.
Liepaja SEZ companies investments
6.9 mln.
Non-financial investment by capital companies subject to direct tax reliefs
111.7 mln.
Total net turnover in 2007
54.4 mln.
Export turnover (48.7%) of the total net turnover
Main export markets of Liepaja SEZ enterprises were Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Russian Federation, Belarus, Sweden and other CIS countries. According to the statements, more export oriented Liepaja SEZ enterprises were:
LSEZ Ltd. "Laskana"
LSEZ Ltd. "Baltic Transshipment Center"
LSEZ Ltd. "IG Latvia"
LSEZ Ltd. "Balt IG"
LSEZ Ltd. "Eurosteel"
Employment and average salaries
In 2007, there was considerable increase of new work places in the Liepaja SEZ companies. In total there were created 344 work places, most of which was created by company and “IG Latvia” LSEZ Ltd. - 308.
Companies, which have created new work places:
LSEZ Ltd. "IG Latvia"
LSEZ Ltd. "Caljan Rite-Hite Latvia"
LSEZ Ltd. "Habia Cable Latvia"
LSEZ Ltd. "Habia Cable Latvia"
LSEZ Ltd. "J.J.Stainless"
LSEZ Ltd. "Baltic Bunkering Company"
LSEZ Ltd. "Lesjofors Springs LV"
LSEZ Ltd. "Scan Plast"
LSEZ Ltd. "Hidrolats"
LSEZ Ltd. "Liepaja Bulk Terminal"
LSEZ Jsc. "Liepājas osta LM"
LSEZ Ltd. "Baltic Timber Industries"
Average monthly gross salary in the Liepaja SEZ capital companies (source: LSEZ companies)
Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30