Construction of the port access road
Project execution period:
Project initiator:
Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority
Project objective - diverting the cargo transportation flow away from residential areas of the city:
Total project costs:
EUR 0.4 million
During the development of the activity in the transshipment terminals located in the port Freeport and Winter Harbor areas, an issue arose that the cargo – timber, steel accessories, trailers, etc., are delivered to the port by using city streets that are not suitable for traffic of heavy cargo vehicles. The issue was resolved by building a new access road to the port (currently known as Brīvostas Street), thus creating an opportunity for the cargo vehicles to use Cukura, Pulvera and O. Kalpaka street, which is connected to the port access road, for cargo transit, thus decreasing the load on the common city transport infrastructure.
The works were carried out by "Ceļu, tiltu būvnieks" Ltd. The project was finalized in 2000.
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