Security and Safety
The Department of Safety, Security and Environmental Protection of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority is in charge of the security and safety issues in the Port of Liepaja. The basic duties include provision of the port security audit, elaboration of the necessary improvements and compliance of the security system.
As concerns the port security and safety, the tasks of the afore mentioned Department are
to tupdate and to maintain provisions of the port regime regulations;
to update and maintain the Port Security Plan;
to provide operations of the Consultative Council of the Port of Liepaja;
to ensure compliance of the Port of Liepaja to the data security requirements;
to supervise and to maintain compliance of the free zones to the normative acts;
to improve operations of the acknowledged security organization of the Port of Liepaja;
to elaborate training programs for the Liepaja Special Economic Zone employees and companies of the Port of Liepaja;
to ensure that the firefighting regulations are fulfilled in the Port of Liepaja;
within the scope of its competence, to provide consultations to the business companies of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone and to the port companies on the safety, security and environmental issues.
The Department is in charge of such services
ensuring port security;
issuing permits for entering into the port.
The Liepaja SEZ Authority is constantly improving and developing operations of the Port of Liepaja, by using state-of-the art technologies to ensure safety and security in the port. In 2015, the Port of Liepaja was the first among other Latvian ports to implement electronic pilot receipts, and is still the leading port among other Baltic Sea region ports, to use it to a full extent. The pilot receipt is a document, by which the pilot is registering the data on the vessels entering and departing from the port. Currently, the Liepaja SEZ Authority is in the process of elaborating a unified, electronic data system of the Port of Liepaja. Moreover, an electronic cargo record book has been implemented, providing quick input of the cargo data and a full control, thereof.
The Liepaja SEZ Authority has elaborated e-training, so that to improve the knowledge of all employees in the Port of Liepaja, as concerns the safety and security issues in the port. The program will be implemented in the end of year 2019.

Employees of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority and those of the Port of Liepaja companies undergo regular training on the safety and security issues, for instance fire, pollution prevention, civil defence etc. The purpose of such training is to identify internal and external risks and to forecast the necessary measures, so that to prevent threats to the employees, inhabitants, property and environment under the conditions of elevated security level.
The Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority is:
a member of the Baltic Ports Organisation (;
the European Sea Ports Organisation delegate (;
participates at the inter-institutional working group for the infrastructure implementation of alternative fuels;
a member of the Liepaja City Civil Defence Committee.
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