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The Port of Liepaja is rapidly developing cruise destination on the east coast of the Baltic Sea on most popular cruise ship routes. Despite the Port of Liepaja has for many years been mainly recognized mainly as a successful regional cargo transshipment center, the cruising interest is rising and thousands of tourists each year arrive to visit the city also by sea on board the ferry on the route Liepaja – Travemunde (Germany) – Karlshamn (Sweden) – Liepaja. We are now looking further in this direction by expanding the cruise ship operations and cruise ship calls to the Port of Liepaja. Since a couple of recent years, we can call the Port of Liepaja as a truly new cruise destination on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea.  As a rule, the cruise ships in the Port of Liepaja are accommodated in the area, which is in the direct vicinity of the port entrance, from where the tourists can get to the city center in ten minutes by car or by bus.

In the event, that the cruise ship passengers, coming to the Port of Liepaja, prefer calmer atmosphere than the city center, they may choose the opposite direction and within the same ten minutes get to Karosta where the Tsarist military elegance sits side by side with the Soviet time harshness. 

The City of Liepaja welcomes the cruise ship passengers with a variety of tour itineraries, ensuring, that visitors can enjoy an excellent stay in the charming City of Liepaja with its landscaped parks, the Blue Flag Beach, the picturesque streets and squares, the historic, as well as, the modern architecture and much more. Be sure to plan your next cruise journey on the cruise ship, calling the Port of Liepaja! 


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Liepaja city center map

The unique city of Liepaja with its fine, white sandy beach is on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is the third largest city in Latvia with a population of eighty thousand. A westerly wind, with a higher than average occurrence than in other parts of Latvia, has earned the city the name ‘The City Where Wind is Born’.

Liepaja beach has Blue Flag status.  White sand, various opportunities for recreational activities and lots of beach bars for refreshment.



1.    J. Čakstes Laukums – a square full of joy and laughter, where old and young, big or small can enjoy the fountains. Come here in the evening when the fountains are illuminated and see a play of light and water!

2.    Karosta, where Tsarist military elegance sits side by side with Soviet time harshness, is especially charming in autumn. The Northern Breakwater protects Liepaja port from storms and sand. You are welcome to walk its 1800 meters!

3.    Did you know – the origin for Latvian rock music is in Liepaja? Next to the open-air concert hall “Pūt, vējiņi!” there is a six-meter tall sculpture ‘The Ghost Tree , which commemorates the legendary Latvian rock group ‘Livi’. By pressing a button on one of the surrounding benches rock music will start to play.

4.    Listen to the biggest mechanical organ in the world in St. Trinity Lutheran Cathedral, and climb the tower to see a panoramic view of Liepaja.

5.    Peter’s Market is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike, for seasonal produce from farms near and far. Fruits from the forest and the sea, home baked fresh bread and cakes, flowers, herbal teas and much more. The pavilion of Peter’s Market is recognized as one of the most beautiful market pavilions in Europe.

Inspired by the sea and rustling wind, music is born from different rhythms. Liepaja offers all types of music at live music evenings in its city coffee shops and beach bars, or maybe at some of the classical music concerts.

The Liepaja Anthem “City where wind is born” is depicted by bronze sculptures located along the whole length of Kurmājas Prospect. By contrast theWalk of Fame, is located in the Rose Square, in the city center. Here you can see fifty-seven bronze plaques with the handprints of Latvian musicians.



Liepaja is a city which welcomes guests and cares for their well-being.  Everyone knows when they have good food, people are happy and open to adventures. A vast range of bars, coffee shops and restaurants can be found in Liepaja.

1. Try the Liepaja dish ‘Liepajas Menciņi’ available only at the best Liepaja bars and restaurants. This dish is served in an original clay pot and includes smoked cod, potatoes, onions – all cooked following an old recipe from south Kurzeme.



Official address

4 Feniksa Street, LV-3401, Liepaja, Latvia

Website and e-mail address


Contact person

Gatis Ginters, Head of Marketing and Business Division

Phone: +371 26444916

e-mail address:

Port operating hours

24/7/365 (normal working hours: 8 am to 4.30 pm)

Restrictions on arrival/departure time

No restrictions

Working hours for pilots and tugs





56° 30.00’ N

020° 43.20’ E

56° 31.20’ N

020° 48.00’ E

56° 33.20’ N

020° 44.80’ E

56° 33.20’ N

020° 48.00’ E


Anchorage compulsory


Type of sea bottom

Sand, moraine


WHF Pilot channel

Channel 11, Channel 16

Air draft restrictions

No limit



Tugs available


TAK 1 (engine power – 2000 HP)

TAK 7 (engine power – 4130 HP)

Namejs (engine power – 1600 HP)

Tugs compulsory



ISPS Certificate

ISPS approved port and terminals


-          Bunkering of vessels shall be performed in places, permitted by the Harbor Master from shore-based equipment, bunkering vessels or road cisterns.

-          Bunkering operations are carried out in accordance with the IMO recommendations for the safe transport of dangerous goods and related activities in the port.

-          Before leaving the port, the ship shall deliver all waste generated on it, which is prohibited to discharge into the Baltic Sea in accordance with the requirements of the MARPOL Convention and the Helsinki Convention, to the port reception facilities.


-          Available. Fresh water delivery by ship: EUR 5/ton + EUR 165 per each working hour. Arranged by the ship’s agent.

-          Supply of spare parts, provision, embarkation / disembarkation of crew and other services – to be arranged via the ship’s agent.


Passenger terminal

Not available





Shore excursions

Liepaja Tourist Information Office (representative at the port)


Mailing address: Liepaja Tourism Information Office

5/6 Rožu laukums, Liepaja, LV 3401, Latvia



Restrooms in the pier area


Parking place for tourist buses



Yes, on pier

Rental cars

Yes, on pier (Sixt)

Public transportation

500 m - public buses (No 10, 11, 11A) to the city center (10 min drive)


4.5 km (city center)


Luminor – 4 km /Swedbank – 4.5 km /SEB - 5km

Currency exchange

Luminor – 4 km /Swedbank – 4.5 km

Walking distance from quays to the city center

4 km

Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30