Ferry Traffic
LSEZ "Terrabalt" Ltd. was the first company in Latvia to establish a ferry connection between Europe and the Baltics having already more than 20 years of successful experience in cargo and passenger sea transportation.
At the moment, LSEZ "Terrabalt" Ltd. provides continuous operation of ferry lines servicing RO-PAX type of ferries on the following route:
Liepaja - Travemunde, Germany (5x a week). The journey from Liepaja to Travemunde takes ~20 hours.
The company is operating a specialized ferry terminal, which is capable of attending up to 20 ferries a week. The terminal is suitable for handling oversized and heavy cargoes, as well as, for transshipment of other types of project cargoes, cargo transportation by ferries and specialized dry cargo vessels.
The company owns equipment for all types of horizontal stacking (terminal tractors, platforms, loaders, including dedicated container lifters), and that of vertical stacking (portal cranes, spreaders, automatic grabs, loaders for cargo handling.
In addition to cargo handling operations, the terminal provides cargo consolidation and storage services (in closed or open warehouses), preparing the cargo prior to shipment, loading and securing cargo in railway wagons and on railway platforms, as well as, other services.
14A Brivostas Str., Liepaja, LV-3405, Latvia
(+371) 634 25756
(+371) 634 81454
Stena Line
The ferry traffic from Liepaja to Travemunde (Germany)is provided in cooperation with the Swedish owned RO-PAX operator "Stena Line", which has established a vast ferry traffic network to a number of destinations in Europe. Detailed information: www.stenaline.lv
Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30