Statistics of the Port of Liepaja in 2015
Companies in the Port of Liepaja handled 5 611 441.66 tons of different type of cargoes (+5.9%), including:
dry bulk cargoes
3 923.7
thous. tons
general cargoes
1 324.9
thous. tons
liquid cargoes
thous. tons
Dry bulk cargoes
As traditional, the main cargo group was dry bulk cargoes – 70% of the total cargo turnover. Dry bulk cargoes increased their total turnover by 7.9%, if compared to year 2014. Most of the dry bulk cargo turnover was made from grain and cereal products, followed by building materials, wood chips, fertilizers and coke slack.
General cargoes
Second biggest cargo group in the Port of Liepaja was general cargoes – 1324.9 thous. tons or 24%. For several years, main cargo group in this segment has been RO-RO cargos and in 2015, it resulted in 614 thous. tons, ensured from regular ferry line traffic with Germany and Sweden. RO-RO cargo flow was negatively affected by sanctions against Russia and devaluation of the Russian ruble. “Terrabalt” LSEZ Ltd. was compensating missing cargos with project type cargos, for example, with “UPB” Jsc. ferroconcrete constructions, NATO military machinery and equipment transit. Second biggest cargo group in general cargo segment was timber – 493.5 thous. tons.
Liquid cargoes
In 2015, liquid cargo turnover in the port was 362.8 thous. tons and made 6% of the total cargo turnover.
Companies with the biggest cargo turnover
LSEZ Ltd. „Liepaja Bulk Тerminal LTD”
2 150 308.48 (+6.2%)
LSEZ Ltd. “Ekers Stividors LP”
1 494 489.02
In the Port of Liepaja in 2015
1 343
number of vessels served
39 782
number of passengers
3 669
33 657
RO-RO units
The end of the year 2015 showed that cargo turnover is increasing and in year 2016 the Port of Liepaja plans to reach 6.9 million tons cargo turnover.
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