Liepaja is the third biggest city in Latvia with old manufacturing traditions and favourable geographical location, which are important preconditions for companies’ establishment and development, as well as for ensuring cargo transit between Western Europe and CIS countries.
As one of the few non-freezing ports in the region, the Port of Liepaja can provide port services in all seasons and ensures cargo handling twenty-four seven.
45 - 50%
The port of Liepaja is characterized by the proportion of well-balanced domestic and transit cargo, where 45 to 50% of port cargo turnover consists of agricultural products, building materials, timber, biofuel, etc.
Employment with shipping agencies, freight forwarders, customs brokers and other service providers
The port cargo handling terminals are providing services to the companies, handling a variety of commodities. LSEZ Ltd. “Liepaja Bulk Terminal LTD” and LSEZ Ltd. “Dan Store” dry-bulk terminals are specialized in handling of dry-bulk agricultural cargoes, providing services to both, short-sea shipping vessels and the PANAMAX vessels. Transshipment of agricultural cargoes takes place at the specialized dry-bulk terminal of LSEZ Ltd. “Baltic Transshipment Center”.

Regular cargo – passenger ferries are cruising on the route Liepaja – Travemünde (Germany). LSEZ Ltd. “Terrabalt” is specializing at handling of project cargoes. Regular cement cargo transshipments from the “CEMEX” specialized cement handling terminal and serviced by the stevedoring company LSEZ Ltd. “Ekers Stividors LP”, to the ports of Finland and Sweden.

Even though, the demand for wood materials is decreasing, the turnover of the transshipped bio-fuel -wood chips, wood pellets in the LSEZ Ltd. “Duna”, LSEZ Ltd. “Laskana”, LSEZ Ltd. “Mols L”, LSEZ Ltd. “Terrabalt” terminals is increasing. Transshipment of wood materials - logs and sawn-wood takes place at the LSEZ Ltd. “Laskana”, Ltd. “Metsa Forest Latvia” un LSEZ Ltd. “Mols L” specialized terminals.

LSEZ Ltd. “Ekers Stividors LP” providing transshipment of coal, packaged fertilizers, metal, as well as, other types of dry-bulk and break-bulk cargoes, also providing stevedoring services to the specialized cement transshipment terminals, and to LSEZ Ltd. “Dan Store” dry-bulk cargo handling terminals.

Oil, oil products and other liquid-bulk cargoes are handled at LSEZ Ltd. “DG Termināls”, LSEZ Ltd. “GI Termināls”, LSEZ Ltd. “Transit Termināls” and LSEZ LTd. “Glen Oil” specialized liquid-bulk cargo handling terminals.
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