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26. june, 2024

A time capsule is solemnly embedded in the foundations of the new LSEZ AS Norplast Piemare production plant

On Wednesday, June 26, a time capsule with a message for future generations was embedded in the foundation of the new production plant of LSEZ AS Norplast Piemare - an EnTEC Group company with Norwegian capital. The Liepaja Special Economic Zone Joint Stock Company "Norplast Piemare" specializes in the production of large composite products for the oil extraction industry and in the production, installation and shipment of floating closed fish cage systems from its own terminal in the Port of Liepaja. 

The new production facility will be located at Berth 64 of the Port of Liepaja. The area of ​​the new production plant is 1,935 m² and the investment amount reach 2.5 million euros.

Construction of the new production facility is an important step in the development of the Entec Group company BRIMER, as it will allow us to double the production capacity in Latvia and to produce very large-sized composite products for the oil extraction industry, the production of which was not possible in Latvia until now. The location of the factory in the immediate vicinity of the harbor berth provides logistical advantages and makes it easier to deliver cargoes to or customers," said LSEZ AS Norplast Piemare Board Member Gatis Ginters.

The Mayor of Liepaja Gunārs Ansiņš added: in the last seven years, 24 new factories have been built in the territory of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone, proving that both foreign and domestic entrepreneurs value the quality of the city's business environment. We are pleased that Liepaja continues to strengthen itself as the regional industrial center. The port and the logistical advantages make our city a suitable place for such a strategically important business initiative as this one, acknowledged the Mayor.

The Entec Group representatives also took part in the solemn ceremony. The Entec Group CEO Håvard Haanes, pointed out: "For Entec Group, this production facility is an important step in our long-term strategic development. Why Liepaja? First and foremost – it is a charming city, supporting entrepreneurs and investors and there was an opportunity to build a manufacturing facility right in the port. Secondly, the factor of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone, which provides its support and helps to develop faster and easier. Thirdly, Liepaja can provide qualified employees whether financiers, project managers or just operatives. We highly appreciate the advantages of the infrastructure and business environment provided by the Liepaja SEZ."

The Liepaja SEZ CEO Uldis Hmieļevskis added: "It is a real pleasure, and I may proudly admit that the existing long-term development strategy and the business development philosophy of the Liepaja SEZ, creating a close synergy of manufacturing and the port is efficient. The new production plant brings the energy sector, the port and industry to a new level. The implemented project has a potential for the Port of Liepaja to become an energy hub on the Eastern Coast of the Baltic Sea"

The construction company "UPTK" was selected for the construction of the new plant. Its director, Zigurds Kirhners was succinct: "Let it happen! May we all succeed together and see you in half a year at the opening event of the new factory! "

The time capsule was embedded by LSEZ AS Norplast Piemare Board Member Gatis Ginters, the Mayor of Liepaja Gunārs Ansiņš, The Entec Group CEO Håvard Haanes, The Liepaja Special Economic Zone CEO Uldis Hmieļevskis, the Deputy Mayor Salvis Roga and the Chief Executive Zigurds Kirhners.

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