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12. june, 2024

LSEZ SIA "Dan Store Latvia" terminal has been successfully operating in the Port of Liepaja for 25 years

LSEZ SIA “Dan Store Latvia” is one of the first companies in the Port of Liepaja after withdrawal of the Soviet Navy. With the establishment of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone, it transformed from just a cargo owner into a port terminal with large warehouse facilities and is now one of the largest dry bulk handling and storage terminals in the Port of Liepaja. In 2023, the company was operating with 6.7 million EUR turnover.

As emphasized by the Liepaja SEZ CEO Uldis Hmieļevskis, the place where Dan Store Latvia terminal is currently located was in early nineties of the last century an abandoned degraded former Soviet military site without proper infrastructure. Year by year, the company has been investing significant amounts in the construction of warehouses and purchasing cargo handling equipment to reach its cargo turnover of more than 600 thousand tons annually –
agricultural products, wood pellets – variety of cargo depending on the market situation. It makes the company an important player in the Port of Liepaja.

LSEZ SIA “Dan Store Latvia” General Manager Ib Henrichsen: "Liepaja is a good place to work and an to cooperate. As far as I know, Dan Store has a good reputation in Latvia. Most of the current 29 employees are those who still are working in the company from the times when the terminal was established in the Port of Liepaja."

The company was established in 1999 and the majority of the shares is owned by a Danish company „Copenhagen Merchants” that joined with the previous owners Bunge and Svane Shipping in 2009. Dan Store Latvia terminal is an important outlet not only for agricultural exports, but also for imports of feedstuffs providing customers with flexible logistic solutions by using direct rail access, modern infrastructure and equipment, operated by dedicated professionals.

The terminal provides both import and export of agricultural cargo, as the company cooperates with partners in a number of European countries, USA, Argentina and Brazil.

The Port of Liepaja is ice-free, and the draft is 10,8 meters, which is sufficient to accommodate Panamax cargo vessels at first loading or second discharge port.

“Dan Store” has storage capacity of 110,000 MT in bulk flat stores and silos and a direct railway connection with two railway pits plus two truck pits with a combined daily intake capacity of minimum 15,000 MT/day.

Load and discharging are carried out directly from terminal to vessel with a maximum load capacity of 1,000 tons per hour. The terminal also offers a fully equipped lab and a licensed weighbridge.

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