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The Board of LSEZ decided to conclude a lease reservation agreement in Karosta Industrial Park
26 april, 2017
The Board of Liepaja Special Economic Zone, after evaluating documents submitted and supporting entrepreneur`s desire to expand, decided to reserve land plots in Liepaja: 6C Lazaretes Street, 6B Lazaretes Street, 9 Virssardzes Street and 11 Virssardzes Street (precise land are and addresses will be known after land plot unification. Lease rights are given to J.J. Stal Holding for one year to create building construction project for metal product manufactory. J.J. Stal Holding Jsc. is a parent company to LSEZ commercial company “Jensen Metal”, which is working with 21.3 mln. EUR turnover per year and employs 251 citizens of Liepaja and pays on average 1091.00 EUR per month, which on average is more than in the City of Liepaja and in the country.
September 24, 2014, between State Regional Development Agency of Republic of Latvia and Liepaja City Council was concluded an agreement about the implementation of a project “Business service structure territory and their public infrastructure development in Liepaja”. The purpose of the project was to reconstruct the public infrastructure in Zemgales and Virssardzes streets, as well as recultivation of industrial territories between Zemgales and Virssardzes streets. The project was finished in July, 2015, and territory of almost 20 ha was put into service.
Gunars Ansins, Vice-chairman of the Liepaja City Council and Member of the Board of LSEZ: “It is a satisfaction, that time, work and energy invested in the project has resulted in first land lease reservation agreement. J.J. Stål Holding Jsc. is an international company and a serious player in its industry, which strenghtens its position in Liepaja. With the intention to build new manufacturing premises in Karosta, it is a signal to other entrepreneurs that perspective business territories in Liepaja are suitable for business development.”
Last year “Jensen Metal” LSEZ Ltd. expanded production of stainless steel goods and part of the manufacturing moved to the new manufacturing site in newly built premises. To further develop ferrous metal department, in existing premises it was difficult to organize effective manufacturing process, which would allow to fully use the potential of the company, but premises which were offered for ferrous metal product production did not meet the requirements of Danish company, - was pointed out by Ieva Limeza, Business Controller of J.J. Stål Holding Jsc.
Ieva Limeza, Business Controller of J.J. Stål Holding Jsc.: “Concerning these issues, the parent company J.J. Stål Holding Jsc. looked through different offers around the Europe but in the long term as the most suitable was recognized ~ 5 ha territory in Karosta Industrial Park. Although manufacturing in leased premises would be economically more rational in a short-term period, we prefered our own premises. Main factors why we chose Liepaja were our employees, who have proved themselves through their work and the territory in the Karosta, which was offered by LSEZ and is suitable for business operations with accessible infrastructure and engineering communications. It helped to make the decision.”
In the first stage until the end of 2018, J.J. Stål Holding Jsc. plans to built manufacturing premises with the total area around 10 000 square meters and already in the designing process plans to include all the necessary specifications for convenient and lossless production process, including maximal potential maximization for Furniture hardware department. “Jensen Metal” LSEZ Ltd. is a rapidly growing company, which in recent years has grown its production turnover and works with significant increase in the turnover, as well as sees positive tendencies in the future.
Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30