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New logistic centers and a factory will be build
07 december, 2016
The Board of Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority decided to conclude three long-term lease agreements – with “UPB” Jsc. in Dunu Street for construction of a new Logistic center, with “iCotton” Ltd. In Pulvera Street for construction of a new factory and with “EURO DK” Ltd. in Satiksmes Street for construction of a warehouse.
Liepaja Special Economic Zone General Manager Janis Lapins points out that the last quarter (2016) has been very active. Entrepreneurs are interested in expanding already existing manufacturing and logistic companies, as well as in creating new ones. Total area of leased land is 3 hectares. Reservation lease agreements have been concluded for the total area of 18 hectares, and in one-year period entrepreneurs must develop technical projects for construction. “During reservation period companies are paying a rent and also need to deposit safety money, which is a serious signal, that companies are planning to invest and to develop manufacturing in Liepaja”.
UPB holding is one of the leading industrial concerns in Latvia, which already for 25 years successfully works in Latvia and abroad. UPB main business activities are connected to designing constructions, manufacturing, contractor works, assembling, merchandising and servicing. UPB previously already explained, that during recent years holding developed rapidly and increased production volumes significantly, which has created a need for additional premises. UPB plans to build a logistic center, which will be located in Meldru Street industrial territory and would cover internal logistic needs and in future also external.
The Board of Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority decided to conclude an agreement with “UPB” Jsc. about land in 9, Dunu Street, Liepaja (13 668 m2). Long-term lease agreement is concluded for 30 years, with aim to implement “Logistic complex in 9, Dunu Street, Liepaja”, its` maintenance and commercial activities. It is planned that construction must be finished by 31st December, 2019.
We would like to remind that on 17 November, 2015, “UPB” Jsc. concluded an agreement about the rental right to the reservation contract. It is a usual practise for entrepreneurs to sign a reservation agreement for up to one year, which allows to do the research and preperation works before the contruction. Liepaja Special Economic Zone General Manager Janis Lapins points out that quite often companies fulfil all the requirements in shorter period of time and there are no obstacles from preventing signing a long-term lease agreement.
On July 28, 2016, “iCotton” Ltd. concluded a reservation agreement, and now, when all requirements are fullfilled, the Board of Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority approved the project, which will be implemented in 4A, Pulvera Street. The amount of investment planned is 2.5 mln. euro.
The Board of Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority evaluated documents submited by “EURO DK” Ltd. and action taken during reservation agreement and decided to lease real estate in 6, Satiksmes Street, where company plans to build a warehouse. Companies` business activities are connected with wholesale of electronic devices, telecommnuication equipment and its parts. From December 15 (2016) until December 31 (2019) company plans to invest 1.14 mln. EUR and already in 2017 will employ 21 person with average salary – 1310.00 euro.
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