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Liepaja SEZ Authority continuous to develop the infrastructure
19 march, 2018
Liepaja Special Eonomic Zone Authority has announced procurement procedure – open contest “Improvement of the Liepaja port water infrastructure - deepening works at the Liepaja port access canal and the outport, by entering into general agreement”. Applicants can submit their applications until April 18, 2018. At the same time until March 29, 2018, it is possible to submit offer for the procurement “Dismantling of Berth No 1 at the Liepaja port, strengthening of the navigation access canal at the Karosta Canal in the Liepaja port, designing and construction works”. Both of projects Liepaja SEZ Authority will implement with the co-financing of the EU Cohesion Fund.
One of the tasks of the Liepaja SEZ Authority is to take care of the development of the business environment, including port`s infrastructure improvement and development. Deputy CEO Arnis Mazalis points out that entrepreneurs of the Port of Liepaja have defined their needs, but Liepaja SEZ Authority plans and reasonably takes care of the implementation of the necessary projects for the development of inland waterways, roads and railways, mainly to improve safety and capacity.
EU Cohesion Fund Project “Improvement of water infrastructure of the Port of Liepaja” is a highly anticipated project, which is aimed at improving the level of navigation security by ensuring the loading of large-tonnage vessels in the port's inner basin. The project foresees the deepening of the access canal in the middle gate of the port from 12.5 meters to 14.5 meters, rebuilding or strengthening the breakwater constructions at the middle gate of the port in order to ensure the deepening of the access canal, deepening port’s inner basin and canal to te water depth of 14.0 meters, the reconstruction of breakwaters of the port’s Freeport basin, construction of the vessels anchorage site in the Freeport basin. Planned project implementation time: 2018-2020, planned costs - 31.7 million. EUR.
This year it is also planned to start work on the dismantling of the first berth of the Karosta Canal and the construction of the shore fixing. “Upon arrival in the Karosta Canal, the ship must perform a rather complicated maneuver, turning it at an angle of 90 degrees. As a result of the project, the navigation channel will be straightened, navigation safety will be improved - more convenient, faster,” explained by Deputy CEO Arnis Mazalis.
Within the framework of the project, the southern and northern breakwaters of the Karosta Canal will be restored and the navigation signs at the ends of the breakwaters will be restored, and the North Gate of the port will be equipped with navigation signs in order to open them up in future for vessels with small draught, gradually relieving the port's Southern and mid-gates.
Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30