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Informative event on the Karosta Canal
21 april, 2023

On April 27, 2023, an informative event will take place on the cultural- historical and natural heritage of the Karosta Canal, and the current rehabilitation works of the Karosta Canal. Residents and guests of the city will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of the Karosta Canal and observe the progress of rehabilitation works.


Informative hand-out materials will be presented, as well as a short documentary film will be shown on the heritage of the former Soviet military base Karosta, there will be an opportunity to take part in a walk through the areas adjacent to the Canal and observe the rehabilitation work process. At the end of the event, the visitors will be taken on a tour of the Canal, offering a brand-new insight into the environmental improvement works that have been started.


The territory of Karosta is becoming an increasingly important socio- economic and domestic part of the city, therefore the Canal clean-up activities will allow residents and tourists to enjoy the values of Karosta in a cleaner and higher quality environment, promoting restoration of its water ecosystems and reduction of pollution. The event is already the 3rd informational campaign by the Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority project "Rehabilitation Works of the Karosta Canal of the Port of Liepaja from Historically Contaminated Sites".


Let's work together for a green Europe!

The project is financed within the framework of the Norwegian Financial Instrument 2014-2021 program "Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and the Environment". The total amount of the project is EUR 5,117,647.05, of which EUR 4,350,000.00 is financed by the Norwegian financial instrument.

Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30