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Decisions made by the Liepaja SEZ Board on September 15
15 september, 2023

On September 15, 2023, the regular meeting of the Board of Liepaja SEZ was held, where 4 decisions were made. The Liepaja SEZ Board made amendments to the contract for the rehabilitation of the Karosta Canal, deciding to extend the contract for the maintenance of the fairway and water depth, to conclude a renewal contract and supported conclusion of the investment contract of LSEZ SIA "Terrabalt".


About contract extension


The Board of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone considered and decided to enter into an agreement with the limited liability company "AQUATEX" on making amendments to the contract "Maintenance of the Port of Liepaja Fairways and the Water Depth", which was concluded on October 11, 2022, using the provision in the contract on the possibility of extending the contract for the validity period of up to one year.


The Board of Liepaja SEZ examined the progress and conditions of the implementation of the Karosta Canal rehabilitation project and decided to extend the term of the contract by 31 calendar days. On July 18, 2023, during the remediation works of the contaminated sediments of the Canal, a FAB-500 aviation bomb manufactured in 1952 was discovered in the waters of the Karosta Canal, as a result of which any remediation works of the contaminated sediments were stopped for several days. Remediation works are currently being carried out in compliance with maximum safety measures, which significantly slows down execution of the works - the amount of sediment removal and transportation to the disposal site that was previously planned for certain number of days.


On the implementation of the investment project


The Board of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone decided to conclude an agreement with LSEZ "Terrabalt" SIA on implementation of the investment project "Purchase of a New Terminal Tractor MAFI R 332", which is planned to be implemented in the period from September 21, 2023, to June 30, 2025, for the total amount of EUR 192 000.00.


On the project renewal 


The Board of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone decided to enter into a lease renewal agreement, according to which the obligation arising from the contract on the Lease of the Real Estate concluded on April 1, 2004, between the Liepaja SEZ Authority and SIA LSEZ "Liepaja Bulk Terminal LTD" was cancelled by converting it into new obligations so that SIA "Baltic System Transport" replaces SIA LSEZ "Liepaja Bulk Terminal LTD".


Basis: Purchase Agreement of April 11, 2023, which states that the new owner of the real estate is SIA "Baltic System Transport", which was registered in the Land Register by the Kurzeme Region Court.

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