Statistics of the Port of Liepaja in 2014
In twelve months, companies in the Port of Liepaja handled 5 299 899.47 tons of different type of cargoеs (+9.5%), including:
dry bulk cargoes
3 635.2 thous.
general cargoes
1 312.0 thous.
liquid cargoes
352.6 thous.
Dry bulk cargoes
Traditionally, the biggest cargo turnover was in dry bulk segment- 3.64 million tons or 69% from the total cargo turnover. 52% of dry bulk cargoes were grain and cereal products. 10% were building materials, much less- wood chips, fertilizers, coke slack.
General cargoes
Turnover of general cargo segment was 1.3 million tons or 25% of the total cargo turnover. In 2014, good results had “Terrabalt” LSEZ Ltd., which provides ferry line traffic and handling of RO-RO type cargoes. Growing results showed both of ferry lines: Liepaja - Traveminde (Germany) and in test regime- Liepaja - Nynäshamn (Sweden). RO-RO type cargoes were 759 thousand tons, resulting in 14% of the total turnover.
Liquid cargoes
Turnover of liquid cargo segment in 2014 was only 352.6 thousand tons or 7%, mainly affected by oil price in the world market.
Companies with the biggest cargo turnover
LSEZ Ltd. „Liepaja Bulk Тerminal LTD”
2 025 560.05 (+68.6%)
In the Port of Liepaja in 2014
1 368
number of vessels served
42 305
number of passengers
3 615
32 264
RO-RO units
The end of the year 2014 showed that cargo turnover is increasing and in year 2015 the Port of Liepaja plans to reach 6.63 million tons cargo turnover.
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