Statistics of the Port of Liepaja in 2016
In twelve months, companies in the Port of Liepaja handled 5 679 768.27 tons of different type of cargoes, including:
dry bulk cargoes
4 272.5 thous.
general cargoes
1 026.1 thous.
liquid cargoes
381.2 thous.
Dry bulk cargoes
Dry bulk cargoes was the biggest cargo segment and made 75% of the total cargo turnover in the port, increasing turnover of this segment by 8.9%, if compared to 2015. As traditionally, main groups in this segment were grain and agricultural products (2 876.1 thous. tons), building materials (496.4 thous. tons) and anthracite coal (460.1 thous. tons), which is a new cargo group in the port. In 2016, amount of handled woodchips increased and reached 254.1 thous. tons (+170.5%). The increase is a result of high quality woodchips export to Turkey, done by “Laskana” LSEZ Ltd., as well as change of leaseholder of the berth No.50.
General cargoes
18% of the total cargo turnover was general cargoes. In this segment, already for several years, the most stable cargo group is RO-RO cargoes – 496 thous. tons, provided by regular ferry line traffic in cooperation with ferry operator “Stena Line”.
Liquid cargoes
In 2016, liquid cargo turnover was 7% of the total cargo turnover, increased by 5.1%, if compared to 2015. Main cargo turnover in this segment was ensured from oil products – 273.5 thous. tons and crude oil – 54.6 thous. tons.
Companies with the biggest cargo turnover
LSEZ Ltd. „Liepaja Bulk terminal LTD”
2 257 717.24 (+5%)
LSEZ Ltd. “Ekers Stividors LP”
1 559 810.36 (+4.4%)
LSEZ Ltd. “Terrabalt”
620 366.94
In the Port of Liepaja in 2016
1 356
number of vessels served
32 992
number of passengers
2 312
30 465
RO-RO units
Mo. – Fr.: 08:00 – 16:30